Pediatric Dermatology in Pleasant Prairie, WI

Treating skin issues in children requires a special degree of care, and at Forefront Dermatology, we handle our younger patients in Pleasant Prairie, WI with kid gloves for a reason: so that they’ll be willing, and even eager, to come to us for pediatric dermatology again.

Understanding the Way Children Work

At Forefront Dermatology, our client base is kids, and our approach is all about what kids want and what kids like. They like to have fun, but just as importantly, they need to feel safe. The last thing kids want is to fear the dermatologist, and at Forefront Dermatology, they won't have to. Our pediatric dermatology program is designed to be gentle and effective to put our young patients at ease.

Preventative Treatment for Healthy Skin

Pediatric dermatology is often preventative. Taking a child to the dermatologist early in life teaches good habits, like the importance of sunscreen usage, and helps protect your child from the dangers of excessive sun exposure. To learn more about our medical practice or to schedule a pediatric dermatology appointment for your child, contact Forefront Dermatology today.

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